illustration portfolio


My own work


An online comic I worked on for a couple of years, before life in general got in the way. 

It’s a mystical, magical mystery story inspired by the magical girl genre.

While it is highly unlikely I will ever continue it, the first two chapters can still be read following the link below. 


A short story collection with the works I drew between 2012 and 2018.

Currently out of print, but the digital pdf can still be bought online. 

Collaborative work

Nijko och den magiska boken

Part 3 of the series Odjuret i Borgen, written by Jo Salmson. 

The cover shown here was illustrated by Yossra El Said, who also illustrated the first two books. All the inside illustrations were drawn by me. 

Published by Semic Förlag

Aminas hemlighet

Part 1 of an ongoing series, also written by Jo Salmson

Both cover and inside illustrations were drawn by me. 

Published by Hegas.

Lisa Harald

I am a graphic designer, illustrator and comic artist located in Lerum, Sweden. Born 1990.

I’ve done a lot of personal work in comics, as well as professional work in illustration and graphic design. 

I’m currently employed at Peanuts Kommunikationsbyrå, but I also sometimes do freelance illustration work.